Handmade Organic and Ayurvedic luxury

A natural and ayurvedic take on beauty and health, at Satva-Essentials we believe in authentic care for the body. A fusion of natures goodness and ancient knowledge we combine every ingredient by hand and bring to you an immersive experience of oneness with the earth. Our craftsmen celebrate raw, natural and Home made beauty in every product they make here. In our journey, we have kept on adding good quality ayurvedic and herbal Home made products in form of Health tonic, Syrup, Oil, Gel, Powder, Churna and Cosmetics. Our endeavour is to meticulously research and formulate standardized products in-house so that we can use raw natural herbs to get the immense quality.
Our plan is to make Ayurveda an unmissable piece of your day to day existence, where it isn't simply something you would rather not miss, however is something you anticipate, consistently! Be it speedy sound nibbling or solace giving food sources or warm, feeding refreshments, Satva-Essentials offers a totally different range of present day however legitimate, trustworthy Ayurvedic and herbal Home made products.

The Founders

Dr. Prachi Patil-Thorat
PGDAND ( Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics),
DYT ( Diploma in Yoga Teacher)

Dr. Deepali Shitole-Mane
BAMS, PGDEMS, Diploma in Obesity management
Certificate course in Cosmetic formation

Dr. Mugdha Patil-Bhagat
Working as radiologist